I was looking for a new skin product regimen and heard wonderful things about Dr. Zeni and Zenith Health from some good friends. I was immediately impressed when I walked into the office with how friendly and warm the staff and atmosphere were. It was elegantly decorated and made you feel welcome and cared for. I immediately knew I had made the right decision. The staff took their time explaining the products and what was appropriate for my skin as well as allowing me to sample the products.

I was able to visit with Dr Zeni during my visit and I understood why he has such a stellar reputation. He was kind and knowledgeable and you could feel his passion and desire to help. They have many services that I was interested in and I WILL be returning for treatment.

I wanted to wait several weeks before posting my review to give a fair assessment of the skin care products. They use Obagi and I feel that this is an accurate report. I noticed an immediate change in firmness and how clear and soft my face felt. However, it was comments that I got from others that really impressed me. I received the following comments from several different people: “You look so well rested”… “You look fantastic, what have you done?”…. and “your skin is so smooth, what do you use?”

Overall, I give Dr. Zeni and the Zenith Health clinic the highest praise and would highly recommend him, the products, and the services they provide to Anybody!